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What is the difference between Naked & Nude?

The following is not based on anything that is based on anything. It is all just pit stops from my personal train of thoughts.

As a “Nude” photography practicant I often use the term “Naked” as well without being aware that “Nude” and “Naked” are two different words of two different worlds.

What are both? Well, obviously they both literally mean “having no clothes on” and grammatically speaking, this is as far as it gets. However, on the philosophical side, things mean a lot more than they should and that’s the beauty of it. I live for trips like this.

I will not dive too much into details because let’s face it, as much as you wouldn’t want to read a lot, I don’t feel like expanding. The point is to make a point and not count words.

So as a photographer who practices that type of photography I’ve reached a point where I asked myself, what is the difference between naked and nude? Then I wanted to know what people think it is, so I posted it on my Instagram and below are some of the responses that I received.

Well, of course some of them are funny, what’s life without some fun 😉

What’s amazing here is that the question really got people thinking and have different opinions about it, I imagined us all in a room discussing it to see which one wins! Ok fine, nude pillow fighting is allowed.

Why do we say Nude colors and Skin tones? Why is it not called Naked colors? Maybe because “nude” is having “nudity” on and “naked” is having purely nothing on so it’s the nothingness, complete inexistence therefore we don’t have naked colors because they simply don’t exist.

Is “nude” really the most artistic competitor? From my personal experience, I think it is. Not only artistic, it is safe. Some people are scared of being “Naked” that’s why sometimes I use it instead of nude on purpose. It is meant to trigger insecurities and defense. After all, nude photography is all about experimenting and studying the soul and mind through the body. Being nude in front of the camera is one thing but being Naked, now that’s a whole different story. Shyness and insecurity are the two main ingredients to a successful and artistic nude photo session.

Nude is giving a shape, color or meaning to something or someone. Naked is taking or sacrificing all that away.


So as a conclusion, the difference between the two words for me is the below:

Nude, is taking off your clothes. Naked, is taking yourself off.

Undress carefully.

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