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About me

Hello, my name is Bashir Bou Raffoul and I am a professional photographer and graphic designer. My fully equiped studio and I are dedicated to make everything you feel become Art.

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I am Bashir Bou Raffoul.

Born on the 1st of February, 1990.

I’ve always hated school so I dropped out in grade 9 aka Brevet to join a technical school in Beirut and do what I felt like doing the most, drawing. I signed up for Graphic Design Program and that’s when I knew that I wasted so many years of my life studying things that are completely useless at school, unlike art.

After succeeding in technical school, I decided to develop the skills I learned and joined the Lebanese University – Institute of Fine Arts. 3 years later, I graduated top 2 in my class.

It was 2012-2013, a rough stage in my life. I was going through a break up and I thought that the best remedy for an obsession is to find another one. Photography. I was always curious about the photography world. It complements what I do (Graphic Design). So I spent my whole salary on my first camera. The break up turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

I started shooting landscapes and tried some portraits every now and then…
It was a pleasing distraction until it became the exact opposite of that. Focus. I started to like the outcome and took a vow to cherish and develop the skills I have. 5 years later, I proudly introduce myself as:

Bashir Bou Raffoul – Graphic Designer & Photographer

The best part about being a photographer is actually being one. Creating, making influence and inspiring people are what keep you going in whatever you do. A tiny change in a huge world. And if I wasn’t a photographer I think I would have been a photographer waiting to happen.

They say that a photo speaks a thousand words. If mine said only one word it would be enough for me. Art. I never let myself to settle down for an average photo. I make sure that all the photos that I share follow precise standards. That’s how I get my photos to speak the word I want to say.

I believe that what I do is artistic and I fell in love with Black & White photography after doing a full research about Ansel Adams in university. I remember when I used to cruise at night looking for forgotten locations to take landscapes, seascapes and even portrait photos. Now I have my own location which is my fully equipped studio, located in Horch Tabet, Lebanon.

It was a nice journey, but I believe that the real journey has just started. You know you are on the right track when you #FollowYourArt


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