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Hello, my name is Bashir Bou Raffoul and I am a professional photographer and graphic designer. My fully equiped studio and I are dedicated to make everything you feel become Art.

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about me

My name is Bashir Bou Raffoul. I have always dreamt of pursuing my career and fulfilling my goals in life driven by my passion.
There is nothing more satisfying to me than providing photographs and designs that can make someone relate to, be it through Joy, Pain or simply Pride

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What i love about photography is that it communicates the words and the images of the soul. The ability to provide people with memories is a perfect gift. Besides personal photography, I do product photography and am proud to give it a real feel.


An experienced, Graphic, Brand and Digital designer providing un-paralleled Quality, Creativity and Service to clients. The knowledge, skills, creativity, expertise and talent are the tools of my craft. Listen. Learn. Think. Create. Deliver.


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Who, What, Why, When & Where?
Dec 27 2017

Who, What, Why, When & Where?

I am Bashir Bou Raffoul. Born on the 1st of February, 1990. I’ve always hated school so I dropped out in grade 9 aka Brevet to join a technical school in Beirut and do what I felt like doing the most, drawing. I signed up...

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Are you on the dark or the bright side?
Dec 27 2017

Are you on the dark or the bright side?

Why are your photos so dark? I get this question a lot, but the real question here would be “are they?” Through my photography among the last few years I realized that most of the people, most of the times get sucked into...

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Naked vs. Nude
Aug 19 2018

Naked vs. Nude

What is the difference between Naked & Nude? The following is not based on anything that is based on anything. It is all just pit stops from my personal train of thoughts. As a “Nude” photography practicant I often...